F R E E   S H I P P I N G  I N  E U R O P E

F R E E   S H I P P I N G  I N  E U R O P E

Our story


Monica Stålvang Lange is the designer behind the brand and her vision is to create a balance between femininity and roughness. She focuses on clean cuts with an urban look, and her fondness of statement heels is very evident in her work. Instead of following trends she is more concerned about being true to herself and her own style, and she wants her customers to feel beautiful and confident wearing her shoes.

-Our shoes are not for everyone and we’re proud of it!-

The collections are designed in Norway and sustainably produced in close collaboration with a small family-run factory in Northern Italy. The materials sourced are of the finest Italian leather with different looks and surfaces, often used together to create an interesting and unexpected combination.

After spending several years working as a fashion designer and experiencing how the industry went faster and faster with the wrong focus she wanted to change direction and pursue her dream of creating quality shoes that were meant to last.
Wishing to learn from the masters themselves she attended the renowned Ars Sutoria in Milan where she learned all about the Italian art of shoemaking, and then slowly developed the brand with her husband Erik Lange.

With a studio and showroom based in Oslo they still follow the many steps of beautiful craftsmanship behind the shoes in Italy. Even though the look is important, they pay special attention to the inside and the fitting to make sure the shoes are comfortable despite of high heels.

To give the customers the highest quality and the greatest deal without intermediary costs, the shoes are sold directly from our webshop throughout the world.

-It’s the shoes that makes the outfit!-

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